Get your website Protected In Less Than 30 Minutes!

Our Automated provisioning and emergency website security engineering team can have any website provisioned and fully protected in 30 minutes or less.

  • Affordable,
  • Easy To Deploy,
  • Cloud based
  • DDoS and SQL Protection Services

Our systems are leading edge and we have just introduced our latest core platform as well as a new customer portal, that has been in development and testing for the last 2 years.

This new platform has capabilities that makes our security protection service able to deal with the most sophisticated attacks.

Web Application Firewall

Do I need to use a WAF ?

A fully managed cloud based Web Application Firewall service, keeps out bad actors that may want to disrupt, deface or steal data on any application running on your website.

The service can be customized to accommodate any HTTP application and provide real-time reporting.

Vulnerability Testing - Website Vulnerability Assessment & Testing

A fully managed test that will pinpoint any vulnerabilities on a website and one of our engineers will walk you through the results and recommend the appropriate actions to take.

Currently, there are as many different attacks as there are solutions. We are prepared for the next type of attack when it happens. There is nothing static about the solutions to the security problem!



Ksh. 5,000/yr
  • Domain (DV)
  • Single Domain
  • Great for Personal Websites
Ksh. 7,500/yr
  • Domain Validation
  • Single Domain
  • Great for Personal Websites
Ksh. 10,500/yr
  • Domain (DV)
  • Multi Domain
  • Great for E-Commerce Websites
Ksh. 15,000/yr
  • Organization (OV)
  • Single Domain
  • Great for Small Businesses
With our Security Services, You get protected Against:


Sends out emails, sometimes with advertising and sometimes with phishing scams. Messages are often sent out repeatedly and in bulk, and it could be to any email address including those associated with your website or hosting. Your server can be blacklisted because of spamming, preventing you from sending legitimate emails.

Password attacks

Guessing at passwords or using a dictionary program to try different combinations until the hacker gets in. Keylogging software which tracks all of a user’s keystrokes, including login IDs and passwords and sends them back to hackers.

Inside attacks

When someone, usually from within the organization, purposely misuses their credentials to gain access to confidential company information.

Former employees, in particular, so your business should have a protocol in place to revoke all access to company data immediately upon an employee’s termination.


Involves exploiting the site to deface or gain access to data. This could be a targeted attack to undermine your clients’ trust in your business, or perhaps something politically motivated to further someone else’s message.


Designed to infect and harm a system. It’s a general term covering anything from viruses to advertising software (adware).

It can force the user into a network of other hacked devices controlled remotely by the hacker. These networks are often used for DDoS attacks.


Exploits the trust of a user to obtain login details, personal details or financial information.

This can be used to gain access to email inboxes or other password protected areas.