One Big Step For Your IT. One Giant Leap For Your Business.

Outsourcing your IT provides you with access to greater expertise without the management and human resource issues associated with new hires. Pragmatic and cost-effective, outsourcing with TeamLogic IT optimizes your system’s performance so your business does not suffer from lack of IT manpower, skill sets or experience, all while providing the flexibility to scale as your business demands.

TeamLogic IT can host and manage your IT infrastructure or components of it, whether PC or Mac. You decide based on your needs and/or comfort level. Here are some of the services you might consider outsourcing to TeamLogic IT:

  • IT Support and Consulting.
  • Network Design and Implementation.
  • Anti-Virus.
  • CCTV and IP Camera’s
  • All support is 24/7/365
  • Microsoft Exchange Mail and POP Mail.
  • Office 365 – (Hosted Exchange ; SharePoint ; Lync ; Azure AD).
  • Server and Workstation Support.
  • Hardware and Software Supply.
  • Onsite and remote support
  • Server and workstation back-up
  • Patch management, assuring software is current and secure including updates, new releases and maintenance
  • Computer desktops, server and network maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Configuring and managing firewalls
  • Networking monitoring
  • Updating virus, spyware and malware definitions
  • Emergency services

If your business is ready to advance to the next level, take a step in the right direction – Outsource your technology management with TeamLogic IT.

What is the need of IT Support ?

1. Reduce Your Overhead. Outsourced IT Management services are a highly cost effective solution to managing all of your IT requirements.

Having trusted, experienced outsourced IT staff readily available, only when your business IT needs require someone, gives you the control of on demand IT.

2. Increased Efficiency. Outsourcing IT support allows increased business productivity and efficiency; as you are able to focus on what you do best, rather than having to solve complex IT problems.

3. Scalability. You have a team of network and computer experts – not just one – on hand, at your demand to help solve IT problems as they arise, no matter how big or small.

4. Customized Plans. You can customize your managed IT services plan to suit your business needs and budgets. Pay per device, pay as you go, pay by the number of IT support hours required each month or the level of monitoring and maintenance required – you decide.

5. Accountability. Your IT services provider is accountable for the functionality and performance of their services.