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Nowadays we see that companies face a lot of challenges while taking business decisions and as they optimize processes owing to key information and functions are spread across various software applications.

Owing to this requirement to use various applications for various facets of their business, it gets tough to see all the necessary data in one location. Be it pulling together data from your own internal systems or the requirement to integrate data from the outside world, it can prove to be tough to get everything required by you at one place.

And this is where our scalable system integration framework will prove to be of great help. It helps in handling complex business process automation and data aggregation requirements of the clients.

At IGate Africa Technologies we offer custom-built solutions that meet the growing demands of present day’s customers. With us you get brilliant enterprise system integration which enables the creation of well-defined APIs offering secure access to your services, regardless of what the service implementation.

Our time-tested iterative approach helps in collaboration with our clients thus delivering the most strategic software solutions out there.

Enterprise System Integration

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Why Partner with Octal Info Solution?

These solutions efficiently meet the complex business goals.


There are a number of key processes that you come across in your daily operations like order management, fulfillment, invoicing, among others and with automation of these processes you avoid new hires which are or else necessary for manage these processes.


Real-time visibility is vital to make informed decisions. When you can access information from anywhere, without wasting resources on data extraction and to tie data from various sources together, employees are more informed and able to make sound decisions.


As IT doesn’t require to procure, install and maintain multiple systems as well as the number of integrations between them, it’s easier to realize a significant reduction in operational costs whereas you can spend IT time enhancing the business operations.


The quick implementation of process changes.

Everyday business users can apply their functional expertise for tailoring processes and applications in a manner that the performance is enhanced.


Enterprise applications allow the flow of information between separate software programs within a company and from outside the company’s own computer systems as well. This integration allows more efficient collaboration between individual people and departments.


An integrated software system allows expansion to a number of locations and additional sales channels that you can accomplish faster.

This is due to unified order and accounting management processes and data.